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Start with a welcome message here and motivate your readers to read this issue. Be yourself and let the REAL you shines through your words. They will appreciate your being yourself with their trust.

Here's an example...

Dear [Reader's Name],

I have some exciting news for you!

I've been getting a lot of emails from [Your Newsletter Name] readers asking me to write a detailed article on how to boost their Google AdSense revenue.

So today I decided to share some killer tips and techniques I personally use. When I first implemented them, my AdSense earnings doubled. Hope you use them and enjoy an increase in your income, too!

Until next week...

Best wishes,

 In This Issue...

 Feature Article: [Article Headline]

Start your article here. Here's an example...

Would you like to have a newsletter with barely satisfied subscribers who take a look at each issue and then remove it, or loyal readers who can't wait to get your next issue? A truly successful newsletter doesn't have just a bunch of subscribers, but "raving fans" who have a strong relationship with you, the publisher.

But how can you have such a winning newsletter?

1. Quality Content

It doesn't matter for your readers how professional your newsletter template is, or how long the articles are. They want "Quality Content". Period.

After all, the reason why they joined your newsletter in the first place was because you made a promise to provide them with certain valuable information.

So each time you sit down to write your next issue, remind yourself what your readers expect to learn. What did you promise them? What benefits did you offer when compelling them to sign up?

Make sure you keep these answers in mind all the time when writing articles, making recommendations, and even placing ads in your newsletter. Make sure you deliver what you've promised. This is the key to keeping your readers happy, and winning new subscribers through word-of-the-mouth.

2. Let Your Readers See the Real You

Which of the following newsletters would you like to read the most?

1. A faceless newsletter like it was written by a faceless writer


2. A newsletter with a personality that shines through its every word. You feel as if you know the writer and feel close to them.

I don't think anyone in the world prefers the first one. Do you? When we read an article, all of us like to know the characteristics of the writer and create a picture of them in our mind. All my favorite newsletters show what type of person has written them.

Tell your readers a little bit about yourself. The best place to share this information is "Editor's Notes" section. Tell them what makes you happy, and what makes you upset or sad. If you publish your newsletter in HTML format, you should definitely consider placing your photo at the top of each issue.

Let your readers see who you really are. Let your personality shine through your newsletter!

Final Thoughts

More and more newsletters are being published every hour about everything you can think of. It means many options for for readers, and many competitors for you. Your competitors are just 2 clicks away: One click on YOUR newsletter un-subscription link, and the other on THEIR newsletter sign up button.

So publish a highly informative newsletter providing quality content and let your readers know the REAL you. Now you can relax because yo know your readers will not even "look" at the competition.

 Review: [Product or Service Name]

Write an honest review about a useful product that you think your readers will be interested in.

 Thought for Today

"Starting out to make money is the greatest mistake in life. Do what you feel you have a flair for doing, and if you are good enough at it, the money will come."
- Greer Garson

 Classified Ads

Place some classified ads here. These are 4 to 5 line ads. Depending on the size and quality of your readership, you can sell the ad space for $1 to $45.

 Reader's Feedback

Tell them what your readers say about your newsletter and how it helped them succeed. People like to know other people's opinions.

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